Our Terms And Conditions

All lessons need to be paid before the start of the lessons. Cash or Bank Transfer are accepted. If a cash point is needed then this is done during the lesson.

Block booking discount only applies when payment is made, in full , at the start of the first lesson. If a refund is required, then the hours used will be charged at hourly rate and remainder will be paid.

We operate a cancellation policy. If made within 48 hours then 50 % of lesson fee will be charged. If made within 24 hours 100% of lesson fee will be charged. This must be made before the next scheduled lesson. The charge will be at the instructors disagresstion.

Current prices for manual and automatic lessons are

£25 per hour

£220 for 10 hours

£50 for use of car on test day.

Please note we don't offer any free or trial lessons.

All learners must be fit and able to drive. Any medical conditions must be disclosed when starting or during driving training.

All lessons will be recorded with a forward facing dash cam. No audio is recorded. No cameras are facing into the cabin. No footage is kept unless a incident has occurred which will need evidence.

Any photos taken ( driving test passes) will be shared on our Facebook , Instagram and Google +accounts. You will be asked after test if you would like your photo to be used.

We allow 15 minutes grace time but if your instructor is running late due to traffic, late tests etc they will endeavour to contact you to advise you of this, and, if needed rearrange your lesson to a mutually convenient time.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend lessons at any time, either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Neither your driving instructor nor freedom motoring.co.uk are responsible for any tests cancelled or amended by the DVSA.

We will endeavour to accommodate any reschedule tests by the DVSA. However please be aware that any driving tests already booked will take priority over the reschedule tests. In which case we would advise that you rebook the driving test.